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How to Choose a Beach Umbrella

Going on a trip to the beach, you will need to plan for the type of beach umbrella to take along. You need to find an umbrella that is durable which will give you many years of service and also provide all the members of your family with a good amount of shade. The following are a few points that one needs to keep in mind, while choosing a beach umbrella.

Right Material of Beach Umbrella

The material which provides shade in the beach umbrella should be given due consideration. Although many prefer to have a material which is light, it may not be the best choice, as the beach umbrella should have a fair amount of weight to anchor it firmly in the sand, and not get blown away by a gust of wind. Also a material which is heavy will have a longer life span and be able to take the rough use on the beach.

Correct Size of Umbrella

Size will play a major role in the choice of a beach umbrella. You need to consider the number of people you are planning to provide shade for, on the beach. Obviously the larger the size of the umbrella, the more people it can accommodate for shade. A beach umbrella whose width is about six feet should be able to provide a fair amount of shade for a small family. If you are the type who prefers taking along a lounge chair, you should choose an umbrella that can be attached to it.

Good Color

Vibrant and lively colors like pink or bright yellow look very nice, but such colors may not be the right choice for a beach umbrella. Many people think that choice of a color may not have so much of significance, but that is not so, if you want to get the best out of your beach umbrella. A darker colored material will provide a much better shade.

Ease of Assembly

Assembling a beach umbrella should be easy and you should choose one that can be firmly and easily be anchored inside the sand. Take time to read the instruction leaflet, before buying, so that you know that the contraption is easy to handle. At the bottom, the beach umbrella should have a firm anchoring shape, like something of a curve, so that it can firmly stay rooted in the sand.

Durable Stake of Beach Umbrella

The stake in the center of the beach umbrella should be strong and durable, as it takes the weight of the whole umbrella. The atmosphere on the beach has a lot of salt content which is very corrosive. A wooden stake is the most ideal for a beach umbrella as it cannot catch rust like a metal one.

Protecting with SPF

Now many beach umbrellas are available which specify the SPF protection, that they provide. Choosing an umbrella with the highest protection would be a wise choice.

The above points will give you a brief idea of the different factors you should consider before buying your beach umbrella. The beach umbrella is an important equipment and you should go for the best quality which might be a bit more expensive, but much more durable and lasting. Better quality will work out cheaper in the long run, as you do not have to keep replacing the umbrella every year.

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