Beach Towel

Choosing a Beach Towel

Knowing your Height

There are different sizes for towels and so you should get your height measured. A beach towel which is too big or small for your body size is not at all convenient. The towel should be long enough to accommodate the height of your body, if you prefer to lie down on it on the sand.

Choosing the Style, Design and Color of Beach Towel

Go to a shop where you have a wide variety to choose from. Trends keep changing, so choose a style having stripes or solid colors, which are all time classic favourites, and won’t go out of fashion for a long time.

Having a Budget in Mind

Keep in mind that the beach towel is prone to get worn out and dirty, and the design will go out of fashion very quickly, and you will need a replacement in a couple of years. So spending lavishly only on a towel is not a good idea. When a towel is put to use on a beach its life is reduced drastically and therefore a towel which is not so expensive is advised.

Beach Towel Weight

You will need to choose a towel which is light, if you are going to carry it around, over a long distance. A luxurious feeling towel will be thick and very heavy, so choose the towel wisely.

Right Material of Beach Towel

Beach towels should be absorbent and a cotton material which has a thick nap will be ideal. Towels with a satin finish look very sleek but fail to be as absorbent as the cotton ones.

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