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The Latest Trends in Beach Footwear

The segment of beach shoes in footwear industry is one of the most popular in latest fashion trends. Even if you are not put up anywhere in the proximity of a beach you can still delight in this fashion trend. Designs of the beach shoe have changed over the period, and in the present market you will be spoilt for choice. Previously your choice was limited between Birkenstocks and flip-flops, but now Crocs has brought out an amazing amount of sandals and other types of beach footwear. Many people, especially those living on an island or near a beach, prefer to wear Reef flip flops, throughout the year, in all seasons. Some of these flip-flops even come with a bottle opener fitted on its underside, which is a very convenient thing to have, wherever you are on an island.

Mesh water shoes is another favourite beach shoe style which people prefer while training on a beach. Being lightweight and flexible, swimming with them on, is absolutely no problem and on the sand they protect your feet from any sharp objects that are lying around. Whether you want to run on the beach or even dive with them underwater while snorkeling, these beach shoes are an excellent choice for any form of exercises on the sand. Apart from all these comforts that they provide, they are not costly at all.

Crocs have entered the market of beach footwear by introducing synthetic shoes which are extremely light in weight. These shoes have become the hot favourite, and you can see people wearing them wherever you go across the globe. You can even sight these Croc’s shoes being worn by hospital staff. This gives an indication of their comfort level, as this hospital staff have to be on their feet throughout the day. These shoes have now become the favoured alternative to flip flops in rainy weather, even for people who are flip flop fans.

The personality of a person can be gauged to a great extent by the fashion he adopts and the shoes he wears. A person wearing Reef flip flops would exude a casual person which makes a care-free statement, about being conscious of comfort, and not being bothered about creating any impressions with fashion. The flip flop is a favourite choice of most surfers, and the one with a bottle-opener is a sure way to start a conversation at any beach party, when you whip it out from your flip flop for opening a beer bottle.

Apart from their comfort level, Crocs are also worn for the fashion statement that they make, as they are the biggest fad now in the footwear segment. People who wear Birkenstocks, generally are those who give more importance to superior quality, rather than fashion trends.

The choice of shoes will generally depend on the type of activity a person is going to do. Having long walks by the sea, demands Croc’s water shoes, as they are comfortable and protect your feet from shells and the other objects generally found on a beach. Flip flops are excellent for general use and your choice should take into account the quality, as constant replacement is not a good idea.

Points to Consider While Buying Beach Sandals

Apart from the swim suit, beach sandals have a major role in making a fashion statement and providing comfort. The huge variety of beach footwear available in the market sometimes confuses a person, and making a choice becomes difficult. Keeping the following few points in mind will make the selection much more easy.

1. Choose a style which is open, and which feels very light on the feet, like a flip flop or a thong. Such a style will provide good ventilation and your feet wont sweat, and at the same time be protected from hot sand.

2. Beach sandals usually have a back strap and having an elastic one is very convenient. If the up and down movement of the heel is not a botheration, you can go without a strap.

3. The material should also be anti-microbial, like the Crocs shoes, as it prevents fungus and bacteria from forming.

4. Rubber which is soft is an excellent material for a sandal, as it is cheap, durable and has a good comfort level.

5. Select a sandal with the width that matches you feet’s width, as this improves the comfort.

6. Choose beach sandals that is extremely flexible, and which can be bent in any direction. Such sandals will feel very natural on your feet and you can hardly feel them.

7. Choose beach footwear that is appropriate with your beach dress.

8. Beach sandals can be emblazoned with the name and logo of your favourite team, and this will show your team spirit.

9. There are many ways you can personalize your beach sandals, for different events like sports meet, company trip or a reunion with the family. The underside of the beach sandal can also have a cut design which leaves imprints in the sand of a name or message.

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