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Throw On That Beach Dress

Summertime is here, or better still it’s the long awaited vacation. What a pleasure it is to put on that newly purchased beach dress, and head off to the ocean, to soak up the sun rays, and walk on the sand! Just one look at summer dresses reminds one of the vibrant feeling of relaxing on a beach, wearing the ideal beach dress.

Different types of dresses are suited for different occasions, and vacationing on the beach definitely demands a selection of the best beach dresses. With the popularity of beaches, growing over the years, the dress-code for such an environment also has gained popularity. There are now quite a few companies, who specialize in making formal and casual beach dresses. Since this type of dresses are worn to enjoy your day at the beach, they should have a high degree of comfort level.

Women’s apparel for the beach has now become varied in styles, and come in different colors and patterns. Some prefer the plain beach dress, while others like them with prints, such as batik, floral or tie-dye. Each print changes the whole appearance of the dress. Patterns too, have changed and many now prefer the strapless beach dress, to the one with straps. These dresses are held up by an elastic top edge and mostly come in double layered fabric. An elegant looking bandeau dress, would be in plain white or black color. The market also has dresses that are sleeveless and the ones that have half sleeves. The length of the beach dress also varies, and comes in full length or reaches up to the knees. Ruffles would add style to a knee length beach dress. The different neck lines like V-neck, halter neck, scoop neck and so on, are all procurable in the market. Intricate embroidery work on the beach dress is becoming popular, and women find these designs attractive as they feel, that it makes them stand out in the crowd.

Designers are now using beads on the beach dress to enhance their beauty. A new introduction is a versatile beach dress, that can be converted and worn as a skirt. To relax by the poolside or wearing it on the deck, while on a cruise, these pedal pushers are the ideal choice. Soft fabrics like silk, satin, georgette, rayon, cotton and other similar ones are used to make beach dresses, making them a very comfortable attire to wear. Satin and silk are the popular choices of fabric in a beach dress. Available in all sizes, from large to small, the beach dress is available to a woman of any height and size.


Dressing For The Beach

Having fun at the beach is a spontaneous activity, but you will need to think a little on how to dress for the beach. Exposure to elements like water and sunlight needs dresses that will suit such an environment.

Items Needed. Guidelines.

(1) Bathing suits, swimwear
It is always better to wear a bathing suit, rather than cut-off shorts, for a swim, as drying is much quicker of the fabric of a swim suit. Selection of a bathing suit is easy, as there are many styles and sizes available in the market that will suit your tastes and requirements. Read more about womens sexy swimwear and mens swimwear.

(2) Hat
Eyes are another delicate part of your body that have to be protected from direct sunlight. A wide brimmed hat or a cap will give good protection, and you can always find a visor in a beach supply store.

(3) Sandals or flip-flops
The direct rays of the sun will make the asphalt of the parking lot and the sands on the beach very hot. So it is necessary to protect your feet from getting burnt, by wearing a pair of sandals or flip-flops. There is also the chance of litter on the beach like broken glass, and there might be some sea shells which are sharp, so wearing flip-flops is a good idea.

(4) Shirts of white color
It is wise to shade your skin from the direct rays of the sun, by wearing an oversized shirt with long sleeves. Too much exposure to direct sunlight is bad for your skin. To prevent overheating your body it is always advisable to dress in white color as dark colors tend to absorb more heat. Spending a long time in the water is no excuse for not getting a shirt to wear on the beach.

(5) Sunglasses
A good pair of sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from the sunlight, but will make it easier for you to see in the full glare of the sun. If you plan to go often into the water, buy ones which are waterproof and which have a chord at the back that prevent the glasses from falling off.

(6) Sarong
Modern swimsuits are not for the faint hearted. If you want to retain some sort of decency and modesty while out of the water, you should wrap a sarong (also called a pareo) around your waist, which will give good coverage, as well as look like a fun summer dress.

(7) Beach towel
Definately, you need a beach towel after swimming. You can also spread out a beach towel on the sand and have sunbath.

(8) Dry change of clothes
For the ride home after a day at the beach, you will need a dry pair of clean clothes. So bring along a change of clothes, as you may not want to drive back in your bathing suit.

Caution and Tips

  • Although the above mentioned beach attire and head gear will prevent sunburns, it is essential that you carry, a lot of sunscreen lotions. If you want to spend a lot of time in the water, go in for waterproof sunscreens, with high SPF ratings, as this will provide more protection.
  • If you are taking your kids along, dress them in bright colored bathing suits, so that they can be easily spotted from a distance.
  • If the beach is crowded it is better to have a beach umbrella as a guiding sign to come back to, especially for the kids. Also, it is a good device for avoiding sunburns.

Choosing Beach Dresses And Accessories

Beaches have become the favoured vacation destination for many families. People head out to the beach at the slightest excuse, whether its just to enjoy or celebrate some occasions. The beach environment is the perfect place to bond, and to get a respite from busy life. The words, beaches and beach resorts, always conjures up in the mind, the activity of swimming in the clear blue water, under a clear sky. The waves and the current of the water, makes you want to swim a little more, and spend more time on the beach, especially when you are wearing your stylish beach attire.

Usually before heading out for the beach vacation, people are at a loss about, how to choose the appropriate dresses and beach accessories. There are wide ranges of accessories like shades, slippers etc., and beach dresses like bikinis, skirts, trunks etc., to choose from, which will make your stay on the beach comfortable and enjoyable.

To help you make the correct choice, there are a few tips that I would like to share. Prior to going on your buying spree, first be clear as to what you will require in terms of accessories and outfits. Once you have figured that one out you are ready to go and find the best quality that is available in your market. When shopping, it is better to have a complete picture of the full outfit and all the accessories, in the mind, rather than going in for individual garments and accessories, one at a time.

Starting from your head you will need a proper beach hat or a sun visor, and for the eyes, proper sunglasses. The body will need bikinis and trunks, and skirts when you are out of the water. The feet will need the flip-flops. While shopping for beach dresses and accessories, quality should be a priority, rather than just colors and design. Learn to identify the famous brands, as they will have the best quality of fabric and a decent style, compared to other items that have a generic name. You will always find better quality in a branded dress or accessory. The company name will be clearly labelled on the product, which will be known to you. A slightly costly branded product will work out cheaper in the long run, compared to a cheap product that does not last or is uncomfortable to wear. The stress given is on quality, and not expensive.

You will need patience and an eye for detail, while shopping for your beach dress and beach accessories. Shopping for these items is actually quite a fun activity. You just have to choose items that satisfy your need, and which are of a good quality.

Summer Dresses, Sundresses

The right summer dress or sundress can make a bold style statement. There is a summer dress for every woman and they come in a wide variety of styles. The most popular is the strapless dress, and also there are ones with spaghetti straps. Plunging necklines, bare backs and cap sleeves; the sun dress can be a single garment of choice for many occasions.

A casual outfit for a work environment would be a women’s summer dress that covers the shoulders, and for the formal night out, a dress which bares the shoulders, would be quite elegant with a wrap. In a summer dress there is no need of any adornment, and the fact that it can be worn in different ways to suit different occasions make it very popular among the ladies. A summer dress is commonly seen at barbeques, picnics and even at the odd summer wedding or beach wedding. The beauty of a simple sundress can be enhanced by having the right accessories like clutch bags, hats, cardigans, jackets, wraps and sandals or shoes with either heels or flats.

This summer, apart from the crisp white; bright colors like pink, yellow and green are gaining popularity. Ethnic batik prints, stripes and floral designs are the most favoured prints. Fabrics like cotton and poplin, apart from being weather friendly, are also free flowing and have easy maintenance, and so they are the most popular in making summer dresses or sundresses.

Casual Summer Wear

There are so many summer wear attires like Capris, skirts, shorts, sleeveless tops, tank tops and so on. Head for the beach or go down the boardwalk, there is nothing more comfortable than a sundress, made from quick drying fabrics like cotton, nylon or micro fibre. The latest cotton-nylon combo, has the comfortable feel of cotton and the properties of nylon.

With most of your body exposed to the sun when you wear the capris and shorts, it is wise to put on sun protection lotion with an SPF of more than 40. Varied patterned and contrasting waistbands, hook and loop closures, 4-eyelet detail and contrast stitching, all this makes up the current trends in casual wear today. To look cool you can get into a capris with cargo pockets and having a drawstring waist. The market is flush with a wide variety of board shorts and board skirts in bold colors. Apart from the classic black and white, the casual summer wear has got some new colors like lapis blue, lime, ginger, begonia, pink, skylight and wheat.

Styling of casual summer wear and sundresses, has gone totally over the top, with eyelet closure, slash pockets at the front and back, curved hem, contour piping and many more. To get a sporty, yet feminine look, try SPF micro fibre which is quick drying. Combining the comfort and coverage of a short, with the beauty of a skirt, the Skort, has become a popular item. You can match all these with upper garments like tank tops, shirts with short sleeves, organic or cotton tanks, cotton wraps or knit shirts. You can end up with some stunning looking outfits, if you know how to mix and match casual summer wear. You can be very stylish this summer, in a sexy sundress or sporting board shorts.

Finding a Summer Dress: Tips for all body types

Women do not come in cookie cutter shapes and their beauty is in their uniqueness. When it comes to finding sundresses that enhances each body type, that uniqueness can sometimes be a hindrance. On average there are five main body shapes. Each silhouette requires a different style of summer dress to accentuate their assets and hide their flaws. Women of all shapes can find flattering summer dresses by following a few simple rules and accessorizing well.

Slim Body Type

Women with a slim silhouette should focus on femininity and the illusion of curves when shopping for summer dresses. Adding volume mixed with feminine accessories will highlight the female form of a woman with a boyish body shape. Pleats, ruffles, and flowing fabric are simple ways to add volume to sundresses. Add a belt to make the impression of a curvy waist and some beautiful feminine accessories like high heels and jewelry. Summer dresses with interesting necklines, such as a trapezoid or a V shape can add curve and shape to a smaller bust. Avoid rounded collars and tight fitting dresses that emphasize the small size of the bust.

Curvaceous Body Type

Women with generous curve need to avoid brining attention to problem areas and accentuate their curves. Fluid fabrics and long silhouettes work best with this body type. Summer dresses that are too form fitting or stretchy will emphasize problem areas without showing off assets. Accessories are essential to any look and curvaceous girls cannot afford to be without a great pair of heels. Small prints add flair without being over the top and interesting neck lines show off curves in the right way. Leggings can add interest and length to a woman with a large bottom and bust. Leggings work well with flowing blouses or sundresses.

Petite Body Type

Looking long and lean is something to strive for as a petite female. Short, structured summer dresses with high heels are the perfect option to add that illusion of length. Avoid sundresses with ample cuts or too much fabric. A petite woman will get lost in a flowing maxi dress but will stand tall in an asymmetrical cut dress. Accessories that are too big will over power a petite woman. Long scarves and necklaces can add length to petite women when paired with short summer dresses.

Top Heavy Body Type

The top heavy woman has a generous chest and slim hips and legs. This type of woman should draw attention to her assets with short sundresses. V-shaped necklines slim a large bust and hemlines above the knee show off legs. Simple lines and simple accessories are essential to a top heavy woman’s closet. Busy prints, boat necks, square necks and belts worn to high should be avoided by the top heavy woman as they only accentuate the width of the bust.

Pear Shape Body Type

Pear shape women should look for sundresses that emphasize the bust and are slim through the hips. Women who are slim on top and have large hips are considered pear-shape and should avoid summer dresses that are straight cut or tight fitting. Interesting necklines accentuate the bust while a flared skirt with make the hips look narrower.

Perfect for sundresses, summer is a season of fun fabrics and bright colors. Accessories are abundant and high heels are a woman’s best friend. Whether the silhouette is curvy or androgynous, there are sundresses for all body types. Women of all shapes can find flattering summer dresses by following a few simple rules.

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